#ITE – Näkymä 2017


This summer’s Näkymä2017 environmental exhibition in Akaa will show art pieces in the spirit of ITE art. ITE is Finnish contemporary folk art: it stands for the Finnish term ‘Itse Tehty Elämä’, which means self-made life. Thematically, the emphasis is on creative know-how, where the background reflects the self-made life. Näkymä is now awakening and challenging its audience for the fifteenth time. The artists and art pieces will be chosen through an open call, as well through a survey by the curator.

The main environment for the exhibition is the Nahkialanjärvi and Veturimuseo area in Toijala. New places for the art pieces are being sought locally from the habitat of different interest groups and organizations, as well as from public spaces. The co-operation with local businesses that was started last year will be continued and developed, and the starting point is to offer versatile interactive sites to those art pieces with the ITE art sprit.

Näkymä2017’s main partner is the Union for Rural Culture and Education’s ITE in the Pirkanmaa project. Background organizations include the city of Akaa’s Education and Cultural Services, as well as Taide Akaa ry. Curator Pauli Ahopelto, as well as producer Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo, who both started last year with Näkymä2016’s theme of wood, will continue to be in charge artistically.

#Näkymä2017 will reimburse part of the transportation and installation costs and actively take part, among other things, in the installation of the art pieces and the related equipment and material challenges that are revealed on the spot. More accurate information to do with repayment and to do with Näkymä will be added to the website during the spring.

The exhibition is open from 1 July to 31 August 2017. Admission to Näkymä is free of charge. The opening ceremony will take place on 30 June in the Toijala area of Akaa. You can find more information about ITE-art at itenet.fi/en/ .

Additional information:

Curator Pauli Ahopelto, ahopelto(at)muu.fi
Producer Niina-Anneli Kaarnamo, nakyma(at)akaa.fi or phone: +358 40 335 3419